Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lunch With Students

Today I took another group of high school students to the Muslim noodle restaurant near the Normal College. Patrick Sun, Lindy, Ellen, Catherine, Scott and I rode the bus down there and chatted while we slurped our noodles. The kids are so cute: Patrick Sun loves Hollywood movies, Michael Jackson, and Steven Spielberg; Ellen is a shy girl who told me in a letter, "I used to be good at English, but now I am not. I don't know what happened;" Lindy is a skinny little thing who giggles a lot and asks me tons of questions; and Catherine is a pretty, mischevious girl who insists that she's "fat like a pig." It was fun for me to take them out, especially because they appreciated it so much. For these students, a $0.50 bowl of noodles and cab ride back to school is a huge treat. For me, it's a huge treat to make the students happy!

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