Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Monster in the Bathroom Stall

Last night, I stopped into a hotel to use the restroom. There were two Chinese women inside the bathroom: one was drying her hands and her friend was inside a stall. I, too, entered a stall just before the second woman came out of the other one. From inside, I heard the hand-drying woman say something excitedly to her friend in Chinese. I couldn't understand the exact words, but I guessed it was something along the lines of, "OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE TO SEE WHAT JUST WALKED INTO THAT STALL!"

I took my time inside away from prying eyes: brushing my hair, applying lip gloss, etc. During the three or so minutes I was in there, I heard the women press the hand dryer button over and over again and shuffle around by the sink. Tension hung in the air as they waited for IT (me) to come out. When I finally emerged from the stall, I looked up to see both women looking expectantly- apprehensively- at me and distractedly rubbing their hands beneath the dryer, which by now had turned off.

Both of them giggled and said hello. I said "hi" and walked out.

I'm still not used to being the big event in someone's night just by walking into a bathroom.

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