Monday, November 12, 2007

Can It Please Be Next Week NOW?

I'm getting pretty excited for next week- my Dad is visiting me, it's Thanksgiving, I'm going to Hong Kong, and I get to attend two wedding receptions... all in the space of a few days!

Scott and I will head to Hong Kong next Wednesday and meet Dad at the airport. We'll stay at the Maryknoll House for Thanksgiving dinner- which I hear is amazing- and Kevin Clancy's Western-style Hong Kong reception on Friday night. Then Saturday we'll go to Guangzhou on the train (about an hour and a half), stay over night, and attend Kevin's Chinese wedding reception Sunday afternoon. I think we will probably stay Sunday night in Guangzhou, since there's going to be a post-reception party at a new Irish bar. Monday morning, we will return to Zhanjiang and Dad will stay until Friday. I'm planning on riding the bus back to Hong Kong with him and seeing him off Saturday.

Now I just have to get through another week of classes... :)

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