Saturday, October 20, 2007

Time and Money, Money and Time

Money and time. Two things most people wish they had more of, right? This is probably the only time in my life I won't have to worry about finances or stress about time restraints.

I'm being paid 4000 yuan ($500) per month. It doesn't sound like much; however, my only expenses are food and few necessities from the Trust Mart every week. I eat two meals a day out, which costs me anywhere between $2 (at the noodle restaurant) and $10 (at Pizza Hut). That means I can live like the Duchess of Zhanjiang on no more than $20 per day. I can also purchase DVDs for $2 each, take a 30-minute taxi ride for $4, etc. My salary is paid in cash, which means I haven't withdrawn money from my bank account since August.

Time is another thing I have plenty of. I teach 12 hours each week. Lesson planning takes another four; Chinese lessons and studying perhaps six. The rest of the week I have completely free to go to the gym, read, go out to dinner, write, sleep in, or just lounge around. Although I do get bored every once in a while, such an excess of time really is a luxury that I appreciate very much.

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