Monday, October 22, 2007

Can These Letters Get ANY CUTER???

A couple more of my favorite letters from the high school students:

Dear Janet,
How are you? You can talk to me when you are sad! I'm a good listener all the time. You are very funny and always make us happy. I like your hair very much. What is your QQ? If you have lots of things to eat, please call me! Are you happy? You must smile every day. Take care...

Dear Janet:
Nice to meet you! I'm very happy you to teach me English. You are a good teacher. I like your class very much. Do you willing to make friend with me? I'm looking forward to your answer. You are a beautiful girl and have a sence of humour. I like you very much. My hometown is in Suixi, you have free, welcome to my hometown visit. Good lucky!

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