Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Roof Parties

The following notice was recently posted on each level of the Normal College foreign teachers' apartment building:

NOTICE: May 22, 2008

Recently, some neighbors near this building have made a lot of complaints about the noise of the parties held on the roof of this building. They complained that the noise even continued till deep night and it was very disturbing.

According to Chinese laws and campus regulations, it is illegal to make noise in residential areas before 11:30 PM and people can call police. Besides, the roof is not a safe place for parties or other activities. In order not to disturb other residents and in order to avoid complaints and safety problems,no parties or other activities should be held on the roof of this building from now on. The ladder will be taken away, too.

Thank you for your understanding.

Office of International Exchange & Cooperation(officially stamped)

Does this mean the end of Zhanjiang roof parties? One thing gives me hope: while school officials were busy figuring out how to carry a large bamboo ladder down five flights of narrow stairs, Jamie chucked it into his apartment. There it waits for one last rooftop blowout which will, unfortunately for neighbors near this building will most likely continue till deep night. However, we will at least partially follow the sign's directions and not make any noise before 11:30 pm!

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