Monday, May 19, 2008

An Introduction to Zhanjiang Normal University

My friend Kevin was recently chosen to narrate a promotional video dubbed in English and Chinese entitled, "An Introduction to Zhanjiang Normal University." The movie is filled with unrecognizable shots of some incredibly beautiful college campus that's certainly nothing like the ZNU I've come to know and love!

Below is an excerpt from the English script. My favorite phrases are in bold:

Zhanjiang Normal University is a provincial university which is located in the southernmost of the Mainland of China. Carrying forward the spirit "being courageous and competent, pursuing excellence" and working with diligence, enterprise and pioneer spirits, Zhanjiang Normal University has made brilliant achievements.

Zhanjiang Normal University is the institution of higher learning which people in the south of China yearn for. The university has a long history and has accumulated a wealth of culture. Every brick, every wall, every grass and every tree all witnessed the history of the university's development. From the noble and generous front gate of the university, and Banyan Square with long standing, to the centennial normal education memorial tower showing the university's history, and Cunjin Square with modern flavor, everywhere is full of humane concern and academic and cultural content.

The red-brick buildings, green banyans and the imposing architectural style all transmit cultural information and its primitive simplicity. The campus, with bouquets of flowers and thick branches here and there and coconut trees whispering in the wind, conveys the delicate intellectual atmosphere and presents vitality and vigor of a higher learning institute --- a spiritual homestead.

It is here that students' quality of science and humanity, their cultural deposits about China , their world views and their research habits and manners are meticulously cultivated and their talent and potentials are fully developed and greatly improved. They have great ambitions, broad and solid elementary knowledge together with cross-discipline knowledge, and good abilities of knowledge transfer and innovation so as to be competitive in their career.

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