Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Travel Update

I'm at home, and it's been fabulous so far! Just wanted to post my schedule for the next few weeks. I'll be leaving Florida for Hong Kong on January 29... and then:

Jan. 30-31: Hong Kong
Jan. 31- Feb. 1: Macau
Feb. 2: Fly to Bangkok to meet Scott
Feb. 2-4: Bangkok
Feb. 5: Fly to Phuket (southern Thailand)
Feb. 5-15: Explore the beaches of souther Thailand!
Feb. 16: return to Hong Kong
Feb. 18: return to Zhanjiang to unload baggage
Feb. 19-23: TBA- possibly Hainan Island or Yangshuo
Feb. 24: Classes begin

More adventures coming soon!!

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