Monday, December 17, 2007

Text Messages

It was originally an accident when a single student obtained my cell phone number; she grabbed it from the front desk in class, called her phone with it, and the rest is history. Soon, my cell number spread like wildfire amongst the 90 high school students I teach. I receive numerous amusing texts from the students throughout the day, beginning before 7 am and flooding in until past midnight. Below are a few recent and funny text messages.

Sent during study hall (do I sense some procrastination?):
Dear Janet, Hello. What sport do you like best? I like running. I also basketball. Have fun! Janet, I LOVE you.

On my recent and unannounced trip to Hong Kong:
Mei Xiang Laoshi, are you coming back? I miss you. Somebody said you went back to Florida. That disappointed me, but in the end, all is false. GOOD NIGHT!


On my Christmas lights:
Good evening Janet! I admire you that your hostel is very beautiful! Are you staying home now! Could you open the window let us see? -Lindy

On my dad's visit:
I saw your dad this afternoon. He is very young, we really can't believe. He doesn't look at day over 30. This is amazing. See you soon.

On Kevin's stint as a substitute in my class:
Do you know that Kevin is a funny guy? I like that!

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