Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Excerpt from Business English textbook

It's funny that we actually do use these motions often- albeit some more than others- but rarely think about them.

Now you have a thousand and one reasons to learn the nonverbal communication system well together with the verbal communication system in English speaking community. Work with your group members to figure out the gestures in Chinese for the items in the following table.

Meaning: Come here.
English gesture: Extend one's closed hand, palm up, with only forefingers moving back and forth.

Meaning: Shame on you.
English gesture: Extend both hands, palms down, with forefingers stretching out and one forefinger make several brushing movements over the back of the other finger.

Meaning: I am full (after a meal).
English gesture: With an open hand, palm down, raising to one's throat (often with the remark "I am full up to here.")

Meaning: Hitchhiking.
English gesture: Move several times a closed hand with an outstretched thumb pointing to the direction in which one intends to travel.

Meaning: Kill oneself.
English gesture: Raise one's right hand closed to his head with the forefinger and the thumb stretching out and the forefinger pointing to his temple.

Meaning: Show impatience.
English gesture: Stamp one's foot.

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