Monday, July 16, 2007

Frills, Frills, Everywhere

Since we're staying at a Chinese university with mostly female students, I've had plenty of time to observe the fashion statements being made by Chinese girls my age. As far as I can tell, there are two distinct syles among teenagers and college students here: ultra frilly, and ultra trendy.

The "ultra frilly" girls love to wear baby doll- themed dresses and skirts in pastel colors, with as many bows, sequins, ruffles, etc. as possible. I hear this is the current fashion in Korea, and it's rubbed off on the Chinese girls in Tianjin. Take for example my Chinese teacher, who is a cute, sweet, but nerdy young woman a few years older than me. The outfit she wore today (for the second time in three weeks) includes all components of the typical "frilly" look: a pale lavender chiffon dress with a satin bow in front, with a cream- colored, gauzy sweater-shawl and baby blue rhinestone-studded strappy sandals with little tiny heels. A ponytail tied tightly with a big scrunchie completed the look.

On the other hand, there are the super trendy fashionistas who look better for class every day than I ever have for a night out on the town. These girls favor tight-fitting skirts, pants and tops in bold colors. A Chinese friend I made last week falls into this category. When we met for lunch, I was wearing a polo shirt, shorts, and sandals... she showed up in a bright blue halter top with sparkly gold VERO MODA lettering, a short leather skirt, and high heels.

I haven't seen anybody wearing much make-up, and overly revealing clothing is non-existent, even amongst the fashionistas.

Updates on last weekend's Xi'an trip coming soon!!

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Anonymous said...

Bows and Scrunchies!? That really takes me back. I think I was in kindergarten and I didn't only think -- I KNEW I was hot stuff in my little leggins with the lace at the edges and my fluffy hot pink skirt. :-)