Friday, May 4, 2007

Finally, I have a job!

So! Great news! Scott and I now have a teaching job in Zhanjiang, China! We're going with Maryknoll, a Catholic mission organization. The program is placing us both in a vocational community college/ high school to teach basic level English conversation, as well as some elementary economics and business courses. We'll be given separate apartments on campus, as well as about $500 per month in salary. Believe it or not, this is MORE than enough to cover living expenses and travel.

Speaking of travel... I'll be doing TONS of it this next year- which is GREAT! I'll be in Tianjin, China (about an hour from Beijing) from June 22- August 5. It's a study abroad program with FSU... during that time, we will also travel to Beijing and Xi'an. I will be taking two Chinese language classes and a Chinese culture class- I'm hoping to learn a lot of Mandarin during that time.

THEN, between the study abroad and teaching assignment, Scott and I have about three free weeks. The plans for that are still in the making. The current plan is to visit Chengdu first, home of the panda reserve. Cute, cute panda bears! Next, we want to take the Qinghai Railway alll the way to Tibet. This is the highest railway in the world, and it passes through Chengdu on the way to Lhasa. We're still working on the rest.

After our few weeks of travel, we'll make our way to Hong Kong for a week-long orientation with Maryknoll. The semester starts shortly after orientation in the first week of September.

I am so excited about this next year, and can't wait for all the FUN to begin!!!

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